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My Release of Liability also applies to my videos as well as my site.

I do not want my videos or site used to promote arguments, petty comments, rudeness, poor or improper advice. Being in California, where there is a sleazy lawyer in every dark alley, just waiting to sue someone for something, I have to take reasonable steps to protect myself.

The problem with hosting a site is I have to try and control some things and show I have taken prudent steps to stop poor or dangerous advice. By letting people give advice or tell others how to fix problems, it could be misunderstood or confused that I agree, support or condone the advice and then that could put liability on me. I cannot monitor all comments all the time. So NO ADVICE is authorized, approved or condoned on my Youtube channel. I have posted that anyone seeing advice to notify me so I can delete it and I will block the person from future comments. So if you get blocked, don't come crying about how you did not know. I have already been threatened to be sued because some kid tried to do what I did in one of my videos. If you let your kids have a horse and roam the internet and then do not supervise your kids, it is not my fault. Kids should not be allowed around horses without supervision for many reasons, but the reason that irritates me the most is the horse will always get blamed or put down when a kid gets hurt.

I have deleted many unauthorized advice comments and will continue to do so if I see it. Most States have a law that states something like, "Horses are wild, strong, reactionary animals and can be dangerous, anyone engaging in training, riding, being around or handling horses, are presumed to have this knowledge and therefore assume all risk, dangers and responsibility." So if are not aware of your laws in your state, you should check. Even if there is not this law, most reasonable people know this and are told this by other responsible horse people, trainers, barn managers and others in the horse industry. I assure you, I say it a lot in many different ways, a horse will kill you and kill himself trying to stay alive. If you deal with, work with, or around horses, and engage in horse activities, IT IS DANGEROUS, YOU CAN GET HURT OR KILLED AND YOU SHOULD KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THIS. NEVER DO ANYTHING ANYONE TELLS YOU SINCE YOU ARE THE ONE THAT CAN BE KILLED OR HURT.

So for the last time, if you read my site, watch my videos, try what I do, think I told you to do something, thought I wanted you to do something, YOU assume all risk and dangers and YOU release me of any and all liability.

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