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Most of my videos are about learning about horses, horse care, understanding horses and tying to get people to think like a horse so you can keep you and your horse safer. All are free and if people are willing to invest the time they will learn something and that helps the horse and their horsemanship skills will be improved. Please check out my channel on YouTube!


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Other Horse Behavior Videos:

The following clips are from the internet that show horses doing horse things. Some of these things are amusing, some are not. Some are downright disturbing. Watching these will help you to read a horse, predict their behavior and get some insight into why a horse is acting in a certain way. These will help you "think like a horse."

You'll also see people doing things that provoke or cause the horses to react; whatever the outcome of the action or reaction, is NOT the horse's fault.

1)Guy Jumps on Wild Horse
This guy is probably dead. He walks into a herd of horses with no clue of the dangerous situation he is about to create. Watch the herd; the horses have ears back, they are nervous and wondering what the hell this crazy human is doing. The guy is lucky he was not kicked or that a horse did not strike him, not from meanness but from fear. Then he jumps on a horse -- no reins, no control, no saddle. Watch the horse: The horse thinks it is going to die. It is scared to death, it is running for it's life thinking it was just attacked. When the guy falls off he was going about 40 MPH and hit the ground hard. Watch the horses after the fall, too. They herd back around the dead guy to check him out. Not to say "I'm sorry", but to evaluate is he still a threat? Horses are not mean, they did nothing wrong and almost seems concerned for the guy on the ground, they are concerned about their own safety.

2) Girl Gets on Scared Horse
This video is of a woman who has more balls than brains. Watch the horse closely, it is scared, nervous and does not know what to expect. The horse stands very still, frozen, does not move and just builds up to explode. The rider is lucky, but the horse just learned (becuase she just taught it) that it can get rid of a rider, a bad lesson for the horse.

3) Guy Hits Horse and Gets Kicked in Face Some guy whips a horse, the horse warns him, the guy does not stop and he gets a good kick right in the face. Horse = 1, Guy with whip = 0.

4 Horse Flips over on Guy
Here is a soon to be "ex-race horse" that was never prepared well. This horse jumps straight up and flips backwards. Watch the horse for signs, watch the rider with the reins, watch the guy on the ground holding the horse who looks worried and stiff before the guy gets on the horse -- that should have been a clue.

5)Guy Picks on Horse
A horse is minding his own business trying to eat. A guy comes over and picks at the horse, the horse pins ears, tries to push guy away with his head and then nips him. The guy yells and blames the horse.

6) Horse Falls
Here are some good shots of many different falls (fails?) from the show jumping world. Mute the music and just watch the horse and the riders. Look at the reins and tight hands of all the riders. None of the bucks are very bad or aggressive, but the riders hit hard and tear their horses mouth up by hanging on the reins.

7)Even More Horse Falls
More falls of horses being set up for failure by riders not keeping their seat, pulling on the reins and making a horse do things that result in death or injury. Mute the music.

8) Horse Branding Kick
This clip is the most seen clip of a horse kick. A guy is branding this horse, burns the crap out of him and the horse, in the blink of eye kicks the guy and puts his hoof back in position. The speed of this is really amazing and happens so very fast. Just another lesson in how you should not under estimate the speed or power of a horse, no matter how much you think it loves you.

9) Horse Kicks Guy in Face
Horse pulling buggy has his mouth hurt by driver and the horse strikes back. You can see the horse's head is being pulled to the right and he is looking for release.

10) Horse Kicks Guy in Head
Another genius wants to provoke a reaction from a horse. Mission accomplished! Not so smart guy harasses a stud who was minding his own business. The horse gets him in the head (not very hard but I think he made his point).

11) Horse Kicks Guy
Horse gives all kind of warning before kicking, he moves away, he swishes his tail, he moves his head to threaten to bite and then finally kicks the guy.

12) Kid gets kicked by Horse
Kid gets warned by horse and then gets tagged for not listening to dad or horse. Watch this horse try and tell the kid to stop and move away before he kicks.

13) Poor Horse gets Horned by Bull
Rodeo Horse get horned by bull while tough cowboy runs.

14) Guy hangs on to horse
A person walking a horse does not pay attention and lets the horse get in front of him. Then tries to hang on, instead of either letting go or control the head.�  The handler could have pulled the head towards him, which would have moved the horse's butt away and prevented him from being kicking in the head. This was not the horse's fault.

15)Horse kicks out caused by rider
Notice why this horse kicks out. The young rider is pulling and snapping on the right rein. The horse swishes his tail, throws his head to the right and looks for release. When nothing works he kicks with his right rear leg, still trying to get release. Then the young rider pulls and snaps the left rein, the horse turns to left and then I think the adult tells the rider to walk off and quit pulling on reins. You can tell this horse is irritated, confusing and does not know what the rider wants. So he tries different things to get release. Although this video is not exciting, it is educational. A horse will almost always gives signals when confused, irritated, or in pain. In this case, tail swishing, backing, head throwing, and a kick out. This was not the horse's fault.

16) Horse falls after rider pulls on bit
This video is another example of a horse being confused and almost getting hurt because of people not knowing what they are doing. This starts out with the horse being pulled and hurt by a bit in inexperienced hands. Notice the horse tweaking his head and running sideways trying to give to the pain of the bit. The person with reins starts to get scared and panic, which usually means as people we get tight, stiff and clinch our hands, all bad, this make the situation worse. This in not being a clam leader for the scared horse. So the horse feels pain and our panic and he reacts. In this case one horse falls and slows the carriage down so the other horse can be stopped. Notice when the buddy first dumps its riders, all the people that instinctively (being a predator, we chase) start chasing and running at the horse. Also notice it does not help and only makes the horse run faster. This was not the horse's fault.

17) Horse kicks out
In this video, I think this horse is playing when he kicks out. Not that it hurt any less; the horse does not appear to be mean or aggressive to me. The person shooting this video was on drugs or drunk, and it will give you a head ache to watch, but at the end, you can see the horse appears happy to be running and playing and just kicks out like he would to another horse. Another horse would have known this and moved out of the away. The woman that got kicked was too busy having fun and thinking this horse was like a dog or other pet. This was not the horse's fault.

18) Horse bucks and kicks
This is a short video of a horse that kicks a couple of times while being led from the ground with a small rider, who is riding with no saddle. When the horse is pulled to run, the rider begins to bounce and the horse kicks out. The thing to notice here is the horse's head drop and his tail starts swishing and circling before the buck and kicks. This is not the horse's fault.

19) Horse kicks from being scared
In this video, the horse is scared and feels trapped before he kicks. Notice the guy holding the horse. He is pulling on the bit and trying to hold the horse's head down. Then he leans in and tries to hold the bags on the horse. The handler is trying to use force and strength to control the horse, this will not work, as you will see.�  Another problem is I think they are trying to load a dead animal, possibly from a hunt, and the horse is scared. This is very natural. In the horse's mind, this animal is dead and bleeding, which means a predator is near or killed this animal or may come to eat this animal and I don't want to be near it. So as humans, they try to force this onto the horse and the horse reacts. This is not the horse's fault.

20) Horse bites person
This is a horse that bites the person not paying attention. It was not aggressive or mean and maybe was looking for a treat. The person was not paying attention. This was not the horse's fault.

21) Guy gets bit feeding horse
This guy gets bit by feeding a horse wrong. He feeds his fingers to horse. This was not the horse's fault.

22) Horse warns to be left alone
This lady is lucky. This horse tells her, with ears pinned and attempted bites, to leave him alone.

23) Horse warns before biting
Horse tells guy to leave and amazingly he listens. Horse pins ears, turns head away with ears pinned and then attempts to bite. Good Human got the message.

24) Horse and cat being friends
This is nice cute video of a horse and cat. Notice the horses ears are forward and gentle nudging by the horse. These guys are friends and the horse is gentle to his friend.

25) Horse rears from pain
This horse is in pain and or confused. It backs up but not straight and it appears the rider is too tight on the right rein, watch the horse back and turn his head to right. Also notice the rider never releases pressure on the rein, it will stay tight, which is giving the horse continuous pressure/pain. The horse finally rears to try and escape the pressure. This was not the horse's fault.

26) Horse bites after warning
This horse is worried about this guy, he has his ears pinned and head out-stretched. When the person does not acknowledge or react to his threat, the horse bites.

27) Horse's Playing not fighting
This is a great show of two horses playing. Watching their body language is very educational. Notice the ear pinning, head tossing, rearing to get higher, spinning the butt and threatening, a kick or two, tail swinging, but no meanness or aggression with intent to hurt. After watching the video, see if you can tell which horse is the dominant one and why? To me it is clear.

28) Horse Playing
Someone labeled this "horse fighting"? This is horses playing, bucking, biting, head tossing, jumping, etc. No fighting, just horse play.

29) Horse bucks from no release
Sorry English riders, this is why horsemanship is not common in many English riders. This poor horse never gets any release from the bit. The girl keeps tight reins, restricts head movement and uses the reins for balance. Notice the horse trying to dip his head before a jump, he is trying to focus his eyes, the rider tightens on the bit and prevents this, the horse looks for release and bucks. This horse is not having a good time and the horse and rider are not working as a team. At one point she starts popping the reins and grinding the bit on the horse while the horse is backing. This is a good example on why horses buck, rear and come to hate riding, the bit and people.

30) Pat Parelli rides bridle less
Pat Parelli rides bridle less. It is not hard to see that this man understands the horse. No bits or whips here.

31) Bad first horse ride
This is a horse that was not taught how to move on the ground. So when a rider was on him, he irritated the horse until it moved and then he could not stop it. Notice when he falls off his foot gets caught in the reins. Bad first ride for a horse and he just taught the horse how to get a rider off. This was not the horse's fault.

32) Horse bucks with rider
In this video a horse tells the rider it is about to buck. Watch this girl let her body go forward, DOES NOT LEAN BACK, and falls right off, also notice that the horse tells her or tries to tell her, stop pulling on my mouth and head, watch the horse's tail get active, head drop and pull, before it bucks, had the rider felt this, seen this, been paying attention, was aware of her horse, she could have easily prevented this.

33) If you to see why a bit is bad watch How Bits Create Pain to a Horse


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