Why I Don't Answer Questions

I used to answer questions for many years. After years of dealing with rude and petty people complaining and getting mad, being nasty and threats, I stopped answering questions. I have been threatened by people who have sought me out, told me that they respect my site and opinion and asked for my opinion with their problem. Then when I give them a direct answer, which normally includes that it is their fault and not the horse, they get mad and get their feelings hurt. Some of the threats I have received over the years were; I was going to get sued; one lady was going to have her husband fly down and beat me up; another woman threatened me that her son was a cop and he was going to put out an arrest warrant on me. After these and many others, I stopped answering questions. Then people suggested I should charge a fee since they wanted someone to answer their question and not many people do this. So I put up a donation tab and answered questions for a $10 donation. Thinking if someone was willing to pay $10, they would be more open and serious about getting a truthful answer. That lasted about 6 questions and then I met Ms. Casey Dillingham.

Rudest and Pettiest Person so far

This person, Casey Dillingham, London, KY writes me and tells me how great I am and wants counseling advice to make her feel good. She donates 10 bucks, ask a question, where she tells me about her inability to get along with people and how she loves her horse and wants to cuddled. I should have known by her question that she was wanting feel good advice and did not want to hear what was really going on with her horse. I answered her questions, TWICE, of course not without her telling me how I got my first answer wrong. Then she has the nerve to whine and request her 10 bucks back from Paypal since she did not like my answer. She did not tell me this, she did not say anything to me and did not express any dissatisfaction with my second answer, she just went to Paypal and made a complaint that I did not provide what she paid for. And people wonder why no one wants to answer horse questions or help horse people. Here is her email address, feel free to email her your advice and love, since that is what she really wants. ecl.dillingham@gmail.com Talk about petty, this person really defines the word and takes the cake. If PayPal issues her money back I will now be requiring cashier checks for all questions, thanks to Ms. Dillingham - instead I am just not going to deal with people's questions. Now this whacko, in my opinion, files some bogus complaint on some bigot site that I end up having to write a response and waste more time and then she emails me that she is going to call the Sheriff and Travis Air Force Base. If you read her complaint you will see she spends an outrageous amount of time trying to be right. She puts in all this effort and time writing why she is right. I am so done trying to help whack jobs with horses, don't expect to get any answers from me in the future. I feel sorry for her horse, she apparently is a miserable pathetic person that has probably gotten kicked out of every barn she has been at. Good riddance to her and people like her. BTW, PayPal denied her crying claim, good for PayPal.

The thing that amazes me about these people that complain is that they obviously are looking for help, they obviously have watched my videos, read my site and respect my expertise. I have an entire page of 100's of questions that I have answered "for free" that anyone can review anytime, so it is not like a person with half a brain could not figure out what they will likely get from me if they ask a question. If all these women with issues, yes all of these complaints and threats are from women, put in as much time with their horses and reading my site and watching my videos, they would not be needing me or anyone else to be answering their questions. They would know and understand horses and would not need to be asking questions. But that would take time and effort, everyone wants the easy way to ask someone else. What I think is the real issue they are just looking for shortcuts and easy ways and for someone to solve all their problems. If you go to any barn you have these entitlement people running about thinking everyone owes them something, they think they are the big chicken in the coop, they want to tell everyone what they are doing wrong, they cause problems and drama, they normally are scared of horses, always in others business, always standing around passing on gossip and just making many barns very negative place to be. I just watch an episode of Dr. Phil and he was addressing "mean girls", I guess there is a series named this about girls that gang up and bully others. Dr. Phil discussed bullying, pettiness and meanness of girls and had several different girls really bad mouthing other females. The point of the show was to show how it is often accepted that women will be mean, petty, bitter, back-stabbing and vindictive and it has become so common place that it is not only accepted, it is expected. Some justified it as being hormonal causes, others said it was taught in schools by other mean girls and continues into adulthood. The bottom line was women can be very destructive in a group and tend to pick sides, gang up and bully other girls for silly things like what they wear, how they dress, how they talk, what makeup they wear and other silly topics. That is too bad, but from what I see at most horse barns and dealing with horse women, it sure seems to apply far too often. Funny thing is when I say it, I am a pig or told I dislike women, but when Dr. Phil said it, he was just trying to help and educate people.

The majority of my audience is women. I do this to help horses but the fact is most horse owners are women. The reason I tried to answer questions for so many years was to try and help people, who I thought wanted help, so their horse would get a better deal. After years of dealing with the negative bitter angry people is why "I don't answer questions anymore".

So the next time you see or hear a women getting ripped off by a trainer, or given poor or dangerous advice, or yelling and blaming their horse, or crying about how they can't get help, feel free to direct them to this page and it may shed some light or clear it up. I would rather keep this site focused on horses, but this topic and constant conflict continues to rise itís ugly head by confused and frustrated women that somehow seem to gravitate towards horses.

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