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Howdy, this site is dedicated to the Horse. I put it together to help educate & promote horse awareness, understanding, good horsemanship and hopefully improve the life of the Horse. The old "macho tough cowboy" style of horse training is long gone. Those who still practice this style are not true Horsemen. I believe in, endorse and practice Natural Horsemanship.

This site provides information and gives my ideas of good horsemanship and what I believe is good for the Horse. I hope it provides solutions and possible alternatives to get better results and understanding from your horse. It is not the only way, it is what I have learned over the years and what works for me, many others and seems to work pretty well for the Horse.

Read the entire site and I promise you will learn many things you didn't know about the Horse. I hope you enjoy it, learn from it and hope it helps your horse. If you read and study the information in this site, you can bet that you will have more information, knowledge and understanding than most of people who have "owned horse's their entire life".

I have links to other sites, photos and other pages with additional reference information. The site currently has over 600 typed pages of information about the Horse. Good horsemanship is not easy or everyone would be good at it. However, with work anyone can get it and be good at it. I DO NOT support sites that charge money. Some sites are using my interview or information to get people to pay and subscribe to their site. I DO NOT endorse any site requiring money to learn. My information is free and if people want to make a small donation, I appreciate it, but it is not required for access information about horsemanship.

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I used to write articles for several websites and other publications. I noticed a trend in horse questions and found myself repeating many of the same answers, so I started this site with three pages and it has grown from there. I don't baby-sit and I don't want anyone dependent on me; I want people to learn so they can give their horse a better life. Study the site, watch my videos and you will not need me or any other so called "trainers". You get back what you put in, so forget the shortcuts and gimmicks. Put in the time now and you save time for you and your horse later. "Horse Training is a Process Not an Event" I am like a lead horse, I can be nice or I can pin my ears and show you my butt, I run my site and Youtube channel like a herd. If you understand a horse, you will understand me.

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Remember: "Experience and Time with Horses is the Ultimate Teacher"

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**I see prize-winning horses with fancy dressed riders call themselves horsemen; they are not! There is NO beauty in pain and most Horse sports involve pain for the Horse.

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This site provides information about the horse, its history and the way it thinks. I hope to promote horsemanship through knowledge. The pages on the left have the following information; Horse History is about how horses have been used by man over the ages and very interesting horse facts about understanding a horse and where they have come from; Horseman Tips discuss little things that can help you help your horse and help you become a more knowledgeable horseman; Horsemanship discusses topics in more detail like herd behavior, training issues, sacking out and buying your first horse; Rope Halters discuss the benefits of rope halters, how to tie them and why buckles and snaps are bad for a horse; Tying a Horse talks about good and bad ways of tying a horse, what to avoid, why it is so important to teach a horse to tie and many different knots; Bad Horsemanship is about bad things done to a horse that end up hurting a horse and setting it up for failure as well as all the crazy advice you get from horse owners; Cowboy Wisdom is a list of some good old country sayings that are still true today and a list of over a 100 sayings and quotes about horses; Bosals and Hackamores is about using and understanding a bosal for the benefit of the horse and why I think bit less bridles are better than metal bits; Trailer Loading is about problems with horses, people and trailers; Training Videos has links to Youtube videos with a narrative explaining why the horse did what it did and why it is never the horse's fault; Hobbles discuss why teaching your horse to hobble can help in many other ways and discusses how to introduce hobbles to your horse; A Horse's Prayer is a prayer from the horse to his owner; Cowboy Weather is some neat ways to help predict weather while out on the trail; it discusses how weather was predicted before current technology; Sites & Links are just some other good horse sites that I think have good information about horses; Horse Anatomy Pictures has many pictures of a horse with parts named and how to tell how old a horse is from his teeth; Rick's Photos has pictures of me and horses at different locations; Horse Gear Defined explains some common horse gear and how it is used; Horse Articles has links to some of my articles and other articles I find helpful; Answers to Questions has a bunch of my answers that I have given to different questions; Misc Horse Info has general information about horses, how to draw a horse and other stuff; Lastly Contact Rick page is my email to contact me with a comment or suggestion (NO Questions). There are a couple of pages not listed. One is Opposition Reflex and the other is Rick's Random Horse Thoughts. I have also added, which is still under construction, another page about Discussing Horse and Rider Fear. I get lots of questions on What is a Barn Witch - Barn Witch Defined

If you like the site and think it is helpful, feel free to add my link to your favorite sites so the information can be shared. Share links or information for free - no charging money for my information. Enjoy the site and I hope it is beneficial to you and your horse.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and comments about the site. It is nice to see that the site is being viewed and helping horses in Wales, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, China and many other locations (see green dots below on map). I provide this site and videos for my love of the Horse!

Happy trails,

Rick Gore Horsemanship
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"No amount of training or teaching can overcome Stupid"

"The Cowboy Code:"

Live each day with Courage - - Take Pride in your work

Always finish what you start - - Do what has to be done

Be tough, but fair - - When you make a promise, keep it

Ride for the brand - - Talk less and say more

Remember some things are not for sale;

Know where to draw the line.

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What a horse does under compulsion, is done without understanding; if it is done without understanding there is no beauty in it, anymore than if you took a spur or whip to a dancer.

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